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For a L2TP ipsec.conf you would normally find leftprotoport and rightprotoport=udp/L2TP (or =17/1701 if you prefer numerical values like your example), there is no XAuth L2TP with IPsec on the ASA allows the LNS to interoperate with native VPN clients integrated in such operating systems as Windows, MAC OS X, Android, and Cisco IOS. Only L2TP with IPsec is supported, native L2TP itself is not supported on ASA. The minimum IPsec security association lifetime supported by the Windows client is 300 seconds. # /etc/ipsec.secrets REMOTESERVERNAME %any : PSK "YourGroupPSK" @YOURUSERNAME: XAUTH "YourPassword" When using PSK instead of RSA/certificates, you require the "GroupPSK" which is the XAUTH secret, and also need to use leftid=@GroupID instead of using the ID of your certificate. The vpn is an l2tp/ipsec with preshared key, using the built-in vpn client.

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On both updated laptops the behavior is the same, on not updated computers the vpn is working fine.

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Как вариант, можно попробовать собрать l2tp из исходников. L2TP/IPSec is a solid VPN choice if you’re not exchanging sensitive data.

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Step 3. Configure IPsec PSK You must configure the pre-shared key in the IPsec settings Go to CONFIGURATION > Configuration Tree  Creating L2TP over IPSec VPNs between the OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Secure Gateway and the Microsoft VPN Client 1.0 When coupled with a VPN, L2TP strengthens your private network, making you invincible on the web. Follow this guide for L2TP configuration for Android. 5 Insert the following info: Insert Name: PureVPN L2TP.

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Подключение по l2tp/IPsec соединяются нормально, политики генерируются и отображаются корректно. Подключение с мобильного телефона(android) IPSec Xauth PSK соединение VPN Type: Select IPSec Xauth PSK from the drop-down; Server address: Select a server you would like to connect to from our server list; IPSec Identifier: Leave blank; IPSec Pre-Shared Key: ipvanish; Tap the 'OK' button on the top right to save the profile. 6. To connect with IPVanish, a new window asking your IPVanish credentials pop up. 04/07/2018 1- Configuring a new VPN L2TP/IPSec connection with the Windows 7 native client.

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Enter the Xauth interactive passcode. IPsec, L2TP, and XAuth in a nutshell. IPsec is a generic standardised VPN solution, in which the encryption and the authentication tasks are carried out on the OSI layer 3 as an extension to the IP protocol. Therefore, IPsec must be implemented in the kernel’s IP stack. Although IPsec is a standardised protocol and it is compatible to most vendors that implement IPsec solutions, the actual Content below describe how to manage IPsec/L2TP and IPsec/XAuth manually.

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• Túnel SSL/TLS Autenticación pap, chap y psk Probado frente a vibraciones y conforme a CE (DIN EN. extremadamente altas para hacer frente a los picos de tráfico de las redes más La VPN IPSec de alto rendimiento permite a la serie NSA actuar como un Estática (DHCP PPPoE, L2TP y cliente PPTP), servidor DHCP interno, DHCP Relay XAUTH/RADIUS, Active Directory, SSO, LDAP, Novell, base de datos de  por JA Oviedo · 2017 — the main network equipment. IPsec is the protocol chosen to implement a virtual private Ilustración 38 - Tunelamiento L2TP/IPsec . centrales IP y aquellas que no poseen se posicionan frente a estas últimas por el costo económico de la red, la cual El método de autenticación elegido es PSK (Pre Shared Key) + Auth.