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So, Kodi 17.1 Durex Build gives us plenty of buttons to press, which is nice. Additionally, Durex automatically pulls the latest movies This is the complete step by step guide to install Xanax Kodi Build on Firestick which is the best alternative to Durex. It is also considered as the alternative to Durex which was once the most used build.

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This build gives you a complete Kodi setup allowing you to enjoy not only live sports but also your favorite Movies, TV shows, Music, and more. Some of their popular sports add-ons include Gears TV, Sports World, and Planet MMA, which offers live UFC and Boxing. The Durex Build is a “build” for Kodi, a complete package that includes a new skin, changes to Kodi settings and menus, and multiple addons. Like other Kodi builds, the Durex Build is supposed to make it easy for users to quickly setup Kodi for maximum benefit, without having to search around for multiple components to install. Xanax Kodi Build has been released. These are the same devs who brought us Durex, which was extremely popular. As of now, it can only be installed on Kodi 17.6 but my video on the following page how to install the durex build version 8.0 for kodi 17.6 from the durex wizard (april 2018).

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